Join our affiliate scheme and start earning now!

We’ve been working with affiliates for years and we recognise that they're an important part of our business. So we don't skimp when it comes to rewarding the affiliates we work with.

We understand that you’re looking to deal with a robust, dependable company that won’t promise the earth and under-deliver. We’ll stick to the deals we offer you, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn as much as you can with us. You’ll also be able to generate real-time reporting, so you can see what you’re earning with us, and we’ll arrange payments that suit your schedule.

In fact, in a recent survey of affiliates, we found that 100% of our affiliates have NEVER had any payment issues with Money Gap Group, and 100% were happy with the commissions that Money Gap Group paid out! So we pay well, and we pay on time. And isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for?

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Affiliate Team

We have a UK-based team that you can contact during office hours with questions or queries. They’ll make sure everything runs smoothly for you.

Great Value Leads

If you work with us, we’ll offer you high commission rates, bonus schemes, great conversion rates and payment methods to suit you, including pay-per-conversion!

Stable, Robust Framework

You’ll be able to link to nationally known brands like Cash Lady and KwikCash with fast UK-based servers. We also keep up to date with all the latest regulations, so you’ll be safe dealing with us.

Of course, you want to know what we offer as well. Everything you need will be provided, including top-notch marketing materials, and you can contact our UK based team anytime with questions or queries.

We bring national TV campaigns, quality email database and in-house content and design to the table as well, so you’ll be able to offer your customers a well-known, popular payday loans choice!

Affiliate services
  • Established, experienced, stable company
  • Various payment methods, including cost-per-funded
  • In-house customer services call-centre

  • Huge panel of lenders
  • Earn up to £50,000 per month
  • High commission rates