Generate More Leads With Money Gap Group!

Money Gap Group is one of the biggest sources of leads in the short-term finance market for many lenders, and we're experts in consistently bringing in new traffic through our own database and marketing. We specialise in generating traffic for some of the biggest short term, payday loans and instalment lenders in the UK.

So what do we bring to the table?

  • Over 15,000 leads currently generated every week
  • No up-front fees or catches in the way we work with you
  • A friendly, approachable team who are always willing to talk to you
  • Years of experience with some world's industry leaders in short term finance
  • High conversion rates
  • Low default rates
  • Low cost per acquisition
  • High quality, mainly organic leads
  • Extensive list of brands in our portfolio

Our Services

TV Campaigns

We’ve received national coverage for our Cash Lady campaign, and it’s led to Cash Lady becoming one of the most recognisable payday loan brands in the UK. We’ve also had huge success with our KwikCash campaign, and have plenty more in the pipeline. TV is just one way we’re marketing to new customers every day.

In-house Design and Content

All of our logos, sites and adverts were designed in-house! We have a talented creative team who knows how to optimise our sites, while bearing in mind compliance with the latest regulations. We believe in giving the customer an informed choice, so our sites are clear about balancing speed, cost and risk, and the response has shown that customers respect and prefer this.

Online Marketing

Our in-house SEO and PPC teams make sure that we’re a prominent part of web searches. We also market to our exclusive in-house database. We don’t bulk-buy leads, and we don’t sell leads on outside of the lending process either! This means that you'll get a rich source of high-quality leads from our search marketing, as well as leads from people who already know how short term loans work.

Compliance and Regulation

We specialise in being compliant but competitive. We never advertise ourselves in a misleading or ambiguous way. Instead, we use the expertise of our teams to make sure that customers want to visit our site, and only do so when it’s something they’re actually looking for. This doesn’t just mean a higher number of leads – it means a better conversion rate for you too.

Contact Us

If you would like to work with us, or even just find out more, you can either email us at