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Our Market

We primarily operate in the short term finance market, which includes a mixture of payday loans, instalment loans and guarantor loans. This market is a consistently growing one in the UK, and we work hard on compliance.

We believe that short term loans can be a positive thing for customers. We only accept applications from people who are employed, and we only portray payday loans as being suitable for emergencies, rather than for frivolous reasons or as part of regular household bills.

We operate as a short term loans broker, which means that we take the application information from customers, and send it to the lenders we work with in order to get a fast decision. If the application is accepted, the customer is directed to the lender, and agrees the loan with them as if they applied directly. We don’t charge the customer a penny for our service, as we are paid a commission by the lenders.

Our approach is to make sure the customer is always given the opportunity to learn more about the loans, and what the potential risks are. We’ve consistently made this a feature of our websites, and have done so proactively. We were also one of the first sites to start putting links to organisations offering free financial advice on a clear page, linked from the homepage. These included links to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

The market has been currently going through changes as the transition between the OFT and the FCA takes place. Money Gap Group will be at the forefront of any changes, making sure to keep up to date with all compliance requirements.